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Carinda is situated 70km from our nearest neighbouring town and does not have many luxuries that you would be used to in the city so being prepared for your visit is a must.

  • PHONE SERVICE - We run off a Telstra tower which means that only people on the Telstra network will have service. If you will need your phone it is advised you pick yourself up a prepaid simcard to use over the weekend.

  • FUEL - We have a 24/7 fuel station in town with card facilities only NO CASH.

  • WATER - Due to the ongoing drought water supplies are limited. If you are camping or staying for the weekend it is advised that you bring your own water for cooking and drinking. 

  • MONEY - Carinda does not have a bank or ATM facilities. It is advised that you bring enough cash to see you through the weekend. There are eftpos facilities available at the Far West Store and the Carinda Hotel but there are no eftpos facilities at the Let's Dance Festival.

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