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About Us

It was 1983 when David Bowie travelled to our tiny NSW outback town of Carinda to film his now iconic video for "Let's Dance" in the Carinda Hotel. The Australian video for the smash worldwide hit proved the perfect companion for the ground-breaking song. The bonus of the scenes filmed in Carinda and the Warrumbungle National Park created the magical backdrop for what many regards as Bowie's most distinctive and powerful video. Since that date, the pub has become a mecca for Bowie fans from all over the world, looking to stand and be photographed in the same spot where Bowie filmed his video. The town itself has now embraced this historic connection and hosts an annual "Let's Dance Carinda" festival paying tribute to and celebrating David Bowie and his remarkable music legacy.

The Let’s Dance Carinda committee's mission is to embrace and develop the festival to where it is a recognisable event with a highly regarded reputation. The festival is putting this small rural township on the map and becoming a must come, must do, must see event on the tourism calendar. The festival engages people from across Australia, connecting them through David Bowie’s music. 

The festival offers Carinda a chance to showcase our town and district regardless of drought and hardship.

The Carinda district is made up of a small rural township and surrounding properties. It has the hotel, a self-serve fuel station, a post office and recently a coffee/craft shop has opened. A community pool, a one teacher Public School that caters for students K- 6 and a recreation/camp site area which is the core location for the festival.

Carinda is a community wanting to survive, it is welcoming, friendly and proud of this unique event in its history. Elvis did not go to Parkes and ABBA has not been to Trundle BUT Carinda can say that the famous British pop icon David Bowie not only came but recorded in our town. Certainly, an event to be proud of and to celebrate!

Carinda welcomes you to come and be part of our Let’s Dance Carinda festival!

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