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Ashes To Ashes is Australia’s No. 1 Bowie tribute, featuring the acclaimed vocal stylings of Paul Matthews, fronting a superb 7 piece band, playing all the hits from Bowie’s lengthy and illustrious career!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience this critically acclaimed show, when Ashes To Ashes hit the stage as the headlining act at the Let's Dance Carinda Festival 2023.

The Viper Creek Band 2.jpg

Introducing one of Australia’s favourite country-rock acts The Viper Creek Band. Since 2011, the Newcastle band have been extensively touring bringing seamless live performances, complimented with an exciting and evolving sound to their loyal following both nationally and internationally.

The band has had many accomplishments with every release. This includes ARIA top 5 for their album ‘Just Press Play’ (2018) with 4 top 10 radio singles. This later followed by an ARIA #1 on the country charts with their follow up album ‘Beautiful Destruction’ (2019) featuring the #1 hit single ‘Green Light and fan favourite ‘Australian Girls’.

Tina Martini "Androgyne Genie"

Tina Martini extends David Bowie’s androgynous leanings to their fullest with her three-act presentation of his material, celebrating the amazing life & ground-breaking music of this much-loved iconic figure. 

A gender fluid performer, armed with only an acoustic guitar & some effects units, Tina cruises through renditions of every Bowie era, presenting his humour, the darker facets of his character, creating powerful & poignant moments with a strong vocal performance & masterful guitar arrangements. 


In addition to the much-loved material from the Ziggy Stardust era, Tina will also perform some of Bowie's lesser-known compositions, playing heavily on the gender bending aspects that transformed the popular perception of acceptable sexuality.


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